Bar Back Branding

Quick Turn for Opening Day

Certainly not the biggest job we have ever done, this job illustrates perfectly what Innovations in Art is all about: Service of relationships.

Opening day for the St. Louis Rams was fast approaching. For our client contact, the facility representative for the Edward Jones Dome, this means activity. Last minute contracts are signed. Our contact had one of her sponsors declined to renew contract on this tavern space leaving her in a scramble. She found a new sponsor, AB Inbev. Perfect for us, we work with them too.

With one review of the space, and those big open barrels, we knew we could brand this environment double quick time with art we had already generated for her new sponsor on other jobs we had done for them. Samples and mock-ups were created. Approval was given and we set to work.

For the bar back we interspersed printed and laminated adhesive graphics with lasered wood veneer barrel heads. It took a few trys with our laser vendor to get just the right look for the lettering. Not too deep. Not too dark,

This is a perfect place to describe our vendors. They are the consummate professionals. Our vendors are volume producers, most of them. We break up the monotony for them with our odd projects, shifting parameters and super tight turns. They never miss.

We got this job installed right on time for opening day. Our install crew got free tickets to the game. Everybody wins!

Revamp of Design

Redesigned and Re-Applied

If you’ve seen our portfolio, this environmental graphic wall covering job might look familiar. We designed and installed a similar one for Missouri Baptist hospital’s cardiac floor. The department head of the cardiac rehab center liked it so much he wanted one too.

With a more limited budget, this iteration of the design included none of the interactives of the original. Additionally, it needed a bit of a makeover. Same copy content. Updated look.

Innovations in Art has full color reproduction capability, printing to any substrate for any environment. Coupled with design and fabrication services, we build and install any type of display or interpretive pieces you might need.