Green is Good

Custom Fabrication Made Kid-Safe

Walk through the Climatron, a tropical terrarium inside a huge geodesic dome at the Missouri Botanical Garden, and at the end of the path the doors open into the Brookings Center. This is a children’s interpretive and interactive area. We have built and installed many fixtures for this space over the years.

When we got the word that bids were being accepted for a full demolition and build out of this high profile center we began crunching numbers. In fact, we won the bid.

From the very first construction meeting we knew that the turn on this job was tight. The scope immense. The technical challenges to build what had been accepted in design would require skilled hands and stringent quality control.

We printed and hung over 300 horizontal feet of wall covering requiring a full week of round-the-clock printing to insure color consistency. All this just to be able to get the custom built shelves, video monitors and, yes, a metal forest complete with welded bird’s nest in.

This was a union job. Innovations in Art is proud to comply with such mandates. We brought in our best union carpenters and installers.

Please take a look at the full extend of our work for this project here.

Stifel Bull & Bear

An Excercise in Miniaturization

We love new business. We treasure established relationships. This job involved both.

Innovations in Art was approached to participate in an awards program quite unlike anything we had done to date. An old friend, Harry Weber, had already created a monumental, life-size work in bronze of the bull and bear motif for financial services giant, Stifel of St. Louis. This client wanted to recognize their corporate executives with a high quality replica, miniaturized but maintaining detail, strength and all the expressive power of the original.

beginning with a full 3-dimensional scan, the master was made for reproduction. Innovations in Art oversaw the casting and colorization of the casts.

To enhance the gravity of presentation, we cast high-polish oval bases for all 320 of the sculptural reproductions.