Frequently Asked Questions

Innovations in Art builds long-term relationships. We specialize in partnering with local design firms and their contractors, as well as design personnel and purchasing agents for large firms, to bring superbly fabricated Business Art fixtures into the workplace.

Have you seen our Portfolio and Services sections? If so, you might be asking what the next action steps could be. We hope some answers to commonly posed questions will help.

Please feel free to call or write us with any other questions you may have.

We can build, or manage the building of, any sort of custom artistic, graphical, experiential, environmental or sculptural build-out you can possibly imagine. While Innovations in Art specializes in the Art of Business, we are happy to help you find an economical solution for any business art need you and your team could possibly cook up.

Innovations in Art has a solid 25 years experience in the design and fulfillment of corporate programs for several Fortune 500 companies. We have built, installed and serviced an amazing array of full exhibits and interactive experiences locally and regionally.

Please have a look through our portfolio section to see the range of capability and experience we offer.

Please give me a call or shoot me an email.

I am Bill Perkinson, owner of Innovations in Art. I manage all inquiry personally and am happy to speak with you about any needs you may have or to further illustrate our capability.

Bill Perkinson
(314) 330-6779

Timing is everything.

We understand your need for immediate attention, tight turn and full transparency for the duration of your business cycle.

Once we establish scope of work, Innovations in Art provides a schedule in writing. We also provide full transparency of process and access to our key players to help move your job along accountably at every step.

We hang our hat on customer service and our ability to roll seamlessly with any changes as we move towards fulfillment.

We’d love to have a look at you preliminary designs or your approved build package. We can put numbers on anything you need done.

A more specific declaration of intent gets us closer to a final, firm estimate. However, we are happy to price out anything you need, even if its nothing more than a good idea at this point.

Innovations in Art offers full design and 3-dimensional rendering services on the front end and a precision fabrication follow-through. We can include preliminary pricing on any of these services depending on the starting point of your project. We also offer consulting services at a competitive price.

Please call or email to get us started on a quick-turn estimate.

Sure thing

It isn’t pretty, but you are welcome to come have a look at our shop, our equipment and meet our designers and fabricators. We are a fully equipped manufacturing facility and we welcome visitors.

During normal job flow we also accommodate client walk-through to inspect progress of product.

Give us a call. We’d love to see you.

Innovations in Art fully stands behind all product.

We offer as standard a five year full warranty on all work against any defect of manufacture.

Upon agreement on scope of work or signing of contract, we typically require deposit for jobs totaling in excess of ten thousand dollars.

For larger jobs, in excess of sixty thousand dollars, we ask for deposit plus progress payment at agreed upon set intervals, the remainder due upon completion of work.

Many of our clients would love to speak with you about us!
For a list of past clients and reference contacts please send me an email.