Doming for Signage

Domed and Dimensional Lettering

Innovations in Art is a specialty shop. Sure, we are happy to build most anything, however we specialize in the quirky and difficult parts of a job that other shops might not want to fiddle with. We build relationships with other sign companies to take such items off their plate for them. We handle it.

This job had two parts: First task was to back paint huge 10 x 13’ pieces of custom cast and edge mitred half-inch plexiglass. These things were wobbly monsters specially trucked in on a flat bed eighteen wheeler. That was number one.

Secondly, we cut plexi lettering and domed it.

No easy task, we tried all our best tricks over a span of months to get it just right. Edge tension of the viscous medium versus drying time. Permanence of adhesion. And the letters themselves were back painted to conceal fasteners. It was a trick. We handled it.

We believe we sent it our better than we got it, building large, custom crates which went out vertical, stable and fully protected.

Please bring us your super difficult jobs, or hire us out to handle parts of whatever difficulty you might not have time for. We eat this stuff up.

Frame Conservation

Image and Frame Refurbishment

Fresh off our involvement with the AB Inbev Old Schoolhouse project, we got a call from our contact in their corporate archives. The Old Schoolhouse was fitted out to become a major stop on the brewery tour circuit. Now, another item on the tour needed attention.

This huge, antique frame holds a reproduction of a Bavarian hops harvest scene. The original painting rests in the archives. The reproduction had faded blue and the frame itself had suffered substantial degradation as a result of years of contact with the touring public. Part of the original antique scroll work and shield medallion were missing.

Innovations in Art assessed the scope of restoration and began research, including a viewing of the original oil painting with swatches in-hand to insure color fidelity. We advised having the painting re-photographed.

While that was happening, we set about repairing the frame itself. We re-sculpted the missing elements, cast them in resin and integrated the repair into the original, anticipating the refurbishment color, texture and sheen.

We printed the image replacement on a type ll wall covering for image clarity and durability. On install day, we hung the image in sections on this grand-scale frame as it remained upright on the wall. This work was orchestrated to happen early, before the rush of tours began.

Lastly, we went in with detail brushes and painted in the image seams by hand to blend the section cuts to visual perfection.

Awards for Achievement

Casting Multiples for the Whole Crew

One of our better vendors makes the incredible clear lucite pieces with embedments that you see here. Mobil ONE sponsors winning race car teams in need of recognition for their efforts. The odd thing about this job is, they have worked together before.

Our Mobil ONE contact came to us needing a recognition program similar to ones we have produced with this vendor, similar to ones they have gotten before. Hand blown glass is filled with oil from the winning car and actually embedded within the acrylic award. How cool is that? Innovations in Art became their new art intermediary with this vendor to get the pieces produced.

After we did a few such programs for this client, they came to us wanting something special. The "100" design was our answer.

Grander in scope, we designed a 13" wide platform incorporating printed and laminated graphics under plexiglass. This was a hand numbered, limited edition set for the whole pit crew and drivers to recognize the team’s hundredth win.

Additionally, the client wished to incorporate the small, incredibly detailed yellow Corvette racers you see. These are wonderful souvenir items hand crafted in Italy. However, their logo livery is from a different race-not the race commemorating their major triumph.

For this program we did fine hand work. We got out our special magnifying detail goggles and the tweezers. We gently scraped and teased off all the wrong logos, printed the correct set to scale and applied them by hand. Mounted on the award base with two-color paint fill, the small automobile is a testament to this team’s determination to win as well as our commitment to our valued relationships.

Assist in the Archives

Fitting Out for Historical Treasures

This is a glorious client. Themselves adept in the arts, their self-maintained archive houses hand-stitched liturgical garments starting from the 1850s. Their artisans are still working. Now, they want to update some of their space to tell a story.

Innovations in Art has partnered with The Sisters of the Most Precious Blood of O’Fallon, Missouri. For this ongoing project, we work directly with their sister artists to preflight and print their original designs to make window transparencies and graphic panels, telling the tale of their commitment and love of art in worship.

Additionally, we have built for them custom fixtures to accentuate their work. Repurposing and old pew, we did a cut-down and blend-in job to give it back to them as a lectern. Accentuating the original elements of the piece, this reconfigured and refinished antique helps set the mood as they display their best work.

Our graphics team digitized their hand, drawn cross logo for laser etching. Next, we color filled the deep etch to add visual character and installed alongside cut vinyl lettering, the art for which they generated.

Fabrication for Achievement

Creating from Pre-Designs

This is an excellent time to talk about your design.

Innovations in Art specializes in partnering with design firms who need someone to build and ship dimensional elements from larger programs which they have designed. Such firms are most competent in servicing their clients in branding, experiential and interactive campaigns but typically lack the materials know-how and build space to bring the dimensional parts of their program into functional being.
We have the tools.

This client, located halfway across the state, came to us by way of another business contact, himself a small business man who produces the wonderful pewter medallions you see here. We service parts of his jobs and he helps us with ours. The client had need of full product. We were part of their solution. Now, we work with both organizations.

We build and deliver whatever you cannot. Bring us your finished designs, Bring your rough sketches. If you are buried, tending to all the rest of a larger program and have not had time to even think about this part of the big picture, consult with us. Have a look at our portfolio pages to see how we might be able to help.